Ship Bottom Offices of Emergency Management

Coordinator – Joseph Valyo Deputy Coordinator – Sergeant Edward Williams

Phone: (609) 494-2171 Ext. 105 |

The Office of Emergency Management’s purpose is to protect life and property during emergencies by coordinating response activities of municipal and volunteer resources to ensure optimum use. This mission is accomplished though disaster mitigation and preparation activities coordinating emergency response and recovery operations.

Hurricane Prepardness

The New Jersey Office of Emergency Management (NJOEM) has asked us to provide you and your citizens some important information regarding this hurricane season. Hurricane seasons runs from approximately June 1 through November 20, but as demonstrated by the 2005 season (including Hurricane Katrina) this time frame can vary. For New Jersey, the peak time for hurricanes and tropical storms runs from mid-August through the end of October.

NJOEM recommends the following readiness steps:

  • Get a Kit of emergency supplies – the items that will help you stay self-sufficient for up to three days (72 hours), if needed.
  • Make a Plan for what you and your family will need to do during an emergency – this includes knowing how to evacuate and how to Shelter-in-Place.
  • Stay informed of possible threats – especially during Hurricane Season. Tune into your local media outlets for the latest breaking weather news. In the event of an emergency a battery powered radio is a great tool.

For additional information on hurricane season click here!

If a Storm is approaching New Jersey:

  • Keep your gas tank full
  • Have cash and identification on hand
  • Monitor local media for official instructions
  • If required to evacuate: follow instructions immediately!

If you are a tourist, take what you brought as you may not be allowed back into affected areas. When driving, follow the “Blue Dot” evacuation signs to safe roads and shelter, if needed. In the event of any kind of emergency, first responders will need to know who is in need of special care or assistance. To register for the Special Needs Registry, please visit or call toll free 2-1-1 to register by telephone.
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