The Tax Assessors office is located at 1621 Long Beach Blvd. and our office hours are 9:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. Monday through Wednesday.

Tax Assessor
Walter Higgins
Phone:     (609) 494-2171 ext 103
Fax:          (609) 494-7763



The Ship Bottom Tax Assessor is governed by State Law and regulated by the Division of Taxation and overseen by the County Tax Administration. It is the Assessor’s statutory duty to maintain and establish fair and equitable determination of value, known as tax assessments, for all real property within the Borough.

Each year you receive a postcard stating your current assessment and the tax dollar amount (based on that amount). If you disagree with your tax amount, there are instructions on the reverse side of the card for the appeal process. Forms and instructions for filing can be obtained by contacting the Ocean County Board of Taxation, (732) 929-2008. Assessment appeals must be filed by April 1 of the current year with the County Board of Taxation. Appeals for added or omitted assessments must be filed by December 1 of the current year.

Tax deductions and exemptions are granted only by provision of the New Jersey Constitution or by general law. At present, deductions and exemptions granted by constitutional provision concern property of war veterans and their surviving spouses; senior citizens, disabled persons and their surviving spouses.

The New Jersey Constitution authorizes an annual $250 deduction from the real property taxes. To qualify for the annual $250 Real Property Tax Deduction, a claimant must meet requirements of citizenship, property ownership, residency, active wartime service in U.S. Armed Force, and honorable discharge. You can find a printable version of the form

To qualify for this annual $250 real property tax deduction, a claimant must meet requirements such as citizenship, residency, ownership, income limit, age, 100% disability, and /or widowhood. Find the printable version of the form

Qualified NJ resident war veterans or their surviving spouses having certain service-connected disabilities described in the law or having been declared totally or 100% permanently disabled by the U.S. Veterans’ Administration (VA) are granted full tax exemption on their home.

TO qualify for real estate tax exemption, the disabled war veteran must meet requirements such as citizenship, residency, ownership, active wartime service in the U.S. Armed Forces, honorable discharge, and VA certified 100% permanent and total disability. Find the printable version of the form

Property Taxpayer Bill of Rights

Certified 200ft List Request Form