Pursuant to Ship Bottom Borough Code No. 2.68.070, the above-named applicant is making application for the employment of Ship Bottom Police Officers in an “extra-duty” capacity. It shall be understood that the above-named applicant will be responsible for the cost of a Police Officer’s employment at the below established hourly rate, per Resolution 2019-115. All officers employed under the agreement shall remain under the direct control of the Ship Bottom Police Department, and all such assignments shall not be in conflict or countermand any Rules and Regulations, Policies and Procedures and General Orders of the Borough of Ship Bottom Police Department, New Jersey State Statutes, and Court Rules and Directives. The minimum employment time for each officer shall total a minimum of Three (3) hours, consistent with contractual terms and agreements. If any assignment is canceled after an Officer(s) arrives at the location of the assignment, that Officer(s) is entitled to Three (3) hours pay in accordance with Code No. 2.68.070.